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MENA Urban Housing Practitioners Hub

Promoting dialogue and the exchange of best practices, towards enabling policies, applied research, and innovation in housing and urban development.

Why we need a MENA-focused hub

In the MENA region, it is predicted that over two thirds of the population will live in cities by the middle of this century, and where it is also expected that by 2025, 31 cities in the region will have a population of at least 1 million people.

It is also a region where the forces underlying urbanization vary widely from one country to another.

Despite the variegated landscape shaping MENA urbanism, challenges in achieving equitable access to adequate and sustainable housing are persistent across the region, with climate change, increasing cost of housing, significant displacement and fragility contributing to ever-higher rates of vulnerability.



Creating new partnerships

Building on the momentum and partnerships created as part of the MENA regional and national housing fora, the MENA Urban Housing Practitioners Hub (MENA-UHPH) is envisioned as an open platform for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and best practices regarding housing and urban issues in the MENA region.

The Hub will provide practitioners and researchers with opportunities to regularly convene and engage in collaborative discussions and work around housing and urban issues in the MENA region.

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